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17 May 2017

THE DARK SIDE  Retired DI BOB COX Crime Series has been released on and

01 Dec 2016

VIPER 9  "Bloodline of Death" has been released on and

26 May 2016

VIPER 8  "THE PIT OF HELL" has been released on and

25 November 2015

VIPER 7  "An Eye for An Eye" has been released on and

08 August 2015

Deborah C. Foulkes Author of Dark Mythological Tales interviews David Baker Author of Viper an Elite Black Operations Squad and his newest venture The Adventures of Midge the Mouse in her Author Spotlight.  You can checkout the entire interview at Deborah C. Faoulkes web site here.

25 July 2015

David wrote these series of short stories, ‘The adventures of Midge the Mouse on Blackberry Farm’ over sixteen years ago for his two young daughters. They loved the series and always looked forward to the next instalment of Midges Adventures, and I hope you will too!

The pressure from his now grown up daughters to publish these books and share the stories has proved too much.

So he decided to work with his Illustrator, Michelle to publish these series of books.

Each book offers parent and child interaction to discuss the story, topics, friendships and values

12 July 2015

VIPER 6 - ULTIMATE SACRIFICE: An Elite "Black" Operations Squad released on and