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People keep asking me…how have you gone from writing Men’s Adventure books to Children’s Books?

Well here’s the reason…

David Baker Children's Books

I wrote these series of short stories, ‘The adventures of Midge the Mouse on Blackberry Farm’ over sixteen years ago for my two young daughters. They loved the series and always looked forward to the next installment of Midges Adventures with his pals.

The pressure from my now grown up daughters to publish these books and share the stories has proved too much.

So I decided to work with the Illustrator, Michelle to publish these series of books.

I love writing the Kids books; the storylines are full of fun, laughter and adventure.

Michele has done a beautiful job of the illustrations and has captured my imagination perfectly. This in itself was a very hard and at times a very frustrating and trying job for her. Especially trying to get inside my brain!!!

I have now added to the series I wrote so, so, many years ago!

My only problem is…I have to be careful not to have Midge and his pals carrying Uzi’s in the kids’ books as I write VIPER 7 and go between the two different genres of books! Coming soon in the children’s series.

‘Henry the Shire horse is sad.’ ‘Penelope the pig’s new look.’ ‘Hector the hedgehog comes to the rescue.’ ‘Charlie the cockerel loses his voice.’ ‘Bertie the bee’s weekend off.’ ‘A very special Christmas.’

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