Flashback: Viper 2

David Baker Viper Series

Looking back to December 17, 2013 it seems like such a long time ago. I remember exactly what I was doing, my family and I just enjoyed a company Christmas party and on return I found David Baker had just released his second book; Viper 2 The Master of Tomorrow's Spawn. I couldn't download it fast enough and I remember despite returning from a long weekend retreat I spent the better portion of the evening reading the first 5 chapters of Viper 2.

How much has passed since then? David has since then released Viper 6 and is now working on Viper 7 not to mention The Adventures of Midge his collection of Children's novels. I want to point us to some of the reviews Viper 2 has seen over the past few years to remind us of how this whole thing got started.

BlackHawk from Amazon.co.uk writes,

"Bought Viper 1 and thought it was brilliant and said so in the review. But Viper 2 is something else. This book totally blew my mind and I am still thinking about it now. Bought it yesterday and finished it today. 2 sessions! Scary and realistic plot, food for thought and makes you realise how deep terrorists can penetrate and how evil they are.Potential readers: This is a must you will not put it down and it will make you think!".

Also along the lines of amazing 5 star reviews Viper 2 has recieved would be this one from Keith F. also from Amazon.co.uk.

"A brilliant follow-up to the original 'viper' book. Can be read as a stand alone novel but I advise one to begin with the first book. All action novel and un-putdown able. Kept me so engrossed that I read it over two nights. I immediately bought 'viper 3' and can't wait for more. Buy it.."

I think it is safe to say that David was on a roll after writing Viper 1 and continued this role right through to Viper 6 but how will this tale unfold? what is in store for the team?

We will simply have to wait and find out, meanwhile David Baker continues to keep us on our toes.

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